Be the difference you would like to see
Khulanathi is established with the aim of uplifting previously disadvantaged learners socially and academically in order to ensure success at tertiary level and employment prospects.
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Welcome to the Khulanathi Organisation for Educational Support based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Education is changing

Education in South Africa has been going through a turbulent process of transformation in recent years. However, this process is not peculiar to South Africa. It is evident that education is undergoing significant changes globally. Rapid changes in technology, the globalisation of geo-political and socio-economic issues, financial crises, economic uncertainty, unemployment, climate change, intercultural conflicts and many other factors pose significant challenges to conventional education systems all over the world.

Global challenges

The main challenge is to balance the needs and aspirations of today’s millennial generation with the needs of national economies. These challenges are placing increasing demands on the structures of education systems, on the way we design our curricula, on our teaching methods and on educational resources in general.

Supporting development in South Africa

South Africa cannot afford, socially, economically nor politically, to lag behind the progress and achievements being made in other developing countries. That is why, at Khulanathi, we take a broad, comprehensive and integrated approach to education, offering developmental programmes to support learners, educators, parents and their communities.

At Khulanathi, we see the challenges as opportunities for each of us to be the difference you would like to see.

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Be the difference you would like to see

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela

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